I live in a world of Humanities and Social Sciences. I’m aware that there are other college-worlds out there, but I’ve honestly never taken the risk to venture outside my comfort zone of HSS. I feel like this is okay. I’m lucky that I found my college major as a junior in high school and I’m lucky to have never changed it once in my entire college career. I’m a rarity. I know this.

But if I ever did contemplate changing my majors (hah, right…I’m half-way done with grad school!), I might consider the world of chemistry. There are a lot of very happy CHEM-majors out there (Chemmies? Chemmers? Chemistas?). Someday they will solve all the medical problems in the whole world. Nice. Last Friday I had a personal invitation from my friend Suzanne to visit one of the organic chemistry labs she teaches here at SUU. Those Chemologists may be nerdy, and they may use terms like “Mother Liquor,” but they also get to play with some pretty cool stuff in their chemistry labs. They call it “learning.” Whatev…I just know there was a lot going on. If you’re going to study chemistry in your future life in the Tbirdnation and be a fellow chemist to all these guys, here’s a preview of coming attractions for you. And if you’re happy in the world of soft-sciences like I am, here’s what you’re missing out on.

I’d give you a play-by-play of these pictures, but honestly I had no idea what they were doing. All I know is it was fascinating and I got to wear goggles, okay?

He said was “puttin’ out the vibe” for all the ladies.

Don’t I make “Proper Lab Attire” look good?

Professor Tegland tried teaching me about all the tools. I just saw pretty, shiny, glass things.

Clearly they both super-love their Organic Chemistry Lab.

Organic chemistry is supposedly one of the very hardest classes on SUU’s campus. You’ll hear arguments both for and against. Congrats to all the Chemeranians in the class I attended for their obvious hard work. But if all those Chemmies have to learn everything there is to know about organic chemistry, at least they get to play in the lab sometimes too (under the close supervision of their super-intelligent and beautiful instructor Suzanne).

Thanks O-Chemmers for letting me play along last week. You’ve solidified my love for the Humanities and Social Sciences.


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