Living the Life

If you read the post before mine, you would know that SUU had their fall break this past weekend. I was able to go home to my family for the first time in 2 months. It was the greatest feeling EVER to go back to rural life and fall back into my old routines. I was so happy to see my family. My little brother wouldn’t leave me alone all four days I was there. It was great 🙂

Because I live in a tiny town, I can do a lot of things that others can’t do. One of those things is ride my four wheeler everywhere. My other mode of transportation while I am home is my 4×4. Rather than drive my truck around,  I will use this for anything. Grocery shopping for my mum or to get to my friends’ houses.

Just my and my little brother on my 4×4

I was also able to go on a horseback ride. Although my horse was really fat and lazy and hated to lope, I had a ton of fun. Here in Cedar you don’t see a lot of horses. It was nice to don my riding pants and boots 😀 Yeah, I am a country girl under all that none country exterior haha

Me and Dundy 🙂

I love riding. It’s an amazing feeling.

Not only was I able to go on a horseback ride with a really good friend, I was able to spend a lot of time with my family. Because my home town is so small, we often go to Price because it is the closest thing we have to a big town only 30 minutes away rather than 2 hours. We went and got pizza and had a picnic then we went to the Prehistoric Museum. It was a lot of fun, especially the kiddie corner where you could dig for bones. The real alligator and turtle were pretty awesome too.

Here are my younger brothers (minus one) being Paleontologists.

I got in on the fun too!

I then proceeded to get eaten by a raptor 🙂

I had an amazing weekend. I love college. I love being here in Cedar; it’s a WONDERFUL place to live. However, always remember, college can be stressful sometimes so take some time away. I’m not telling you to always pamper yourself and fail school, but realize that you are important too. Hey, without you, there would be no reason for college. Just remember that school is really important but there will come times where you just need to get away. Take those opportunities and go home or do what you like doing most. Just remember to make it legal and safe 😀


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