Warmhearted Weddings

It was Fall Break this past weekend! There were a lot of free souls traveling back home on Friday. I went back home to West Valley City after making a few good stops.

I had never been to a LDS (Latter-Day Saints) wedding reception until last Friday night, but instead of going to a wedding reception, I ended up going to two wedding receptions at the same time in different locations! One of my good friends’ reception was in Salt Lake City while the other one was in West Valley City. I had expected that they were 20 minutes apart in distance. Unfortunately, I miscalculated and was late to the West Valley City reception by 30 minutes! Traffic in downtown Salt Lake City can get crazy sometimes. Luckily, the West Valley City reception lasted longer than it was supposed to.

I didn’t realize how old I was yet until I sat down at the table and looked over at my friend who was in her beautiful wedding dress. We’ve grown up a little too fast for my taste. This was the beginning of a new life for her and my heart felt a bit fuzzy and warm inside. She was going to embark on something new, something we all think about or even look forward to when we’re kids: starting our own families one day.

The wedding receptions made me realize that one day I’ll get married, too. One day it’ll be my time to start my own family. But right now, I want to enjoy life as it is. We, humans, tend to speed through life, always looking forward to what’s coming next. The reality is that we need to also look at right now and enjoy what we do have. The future things will come one day, but take a moment and just embrace what you have right here and right now. Just take a moment and smile.


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