Grad School Realities

Have I mentioned before that I’m in graduate school? Yep. I have. (Click here to read more about my program.) And if you’re wondering, graduate school is incredible, especially at Southern Utah University. I’m so glad to be part of TbirdNation, grad-school style. I’m thankful almost every day that I chose to continue my education past a Bachelor’s degree. (Notice I said ALMOST every day.) The nice thing about grad school is that, ideally, you get to re-study all the best parts of your undergrad degree. Whatever you liked learning best as an undergrad, you’re focusing further on in grad school; you just happen to be digging deeper, reading more, writing more, working harder, stressing more, etc. Grad students, I believe, are also rewarded more fully for their efforts. That’s why we do it.

The key to succeeding in graduate school is prioritizing, working hard, staying on top of things, working smarter AND harder, etc.

And do you know what else can help with grad school?


Sad but true.
 You wanna see it in action? Here you can see Chris, Jamie, Rick, J.R., and me, all with our faithful Coke-cups in our Strategic Communication (COMM 6210) class on Tuesday. We all had a pretty hefty paper due this day; I think you can see it in some of our eyes.

Graduate school is awesome. We work hard, we play hard, we study hard, and honestly, sometimes caffeine can help.

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