College Is The Place

So I have decided that college is the best place to meet new people. I will have been here for two months tomorrow and everyone I have met have been amazing people and I know, will be good friends for the rest of my life. Coming from a small town, you get to know everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, really well. It’s nice to be able to know all the other 125 graduates graduating with you from high school and all the other students in the other grades, but you never meet someone new each day. Coming to college opened my eyes and made me see that there are so many people to meet and become friends with. My notifications for Facebook friends has multiple requests every day. I love how I can walk out my door and know that I could very well have a new friend when I come back that night. SUU has so many opportunities for you to get out and meet new people and they have all ended with me finding really awesome friends. I love it!

I know that I will be really close friends with my roommate for the rest of my life. I am sure that if you asked any other college student they could tell you the same thing. It’s really nice to know that you won’t be alone for long. You can find a friend anywhere in college.

It can be a scary thing moving down to college, but just know that college is an amazing experience. One part of the experience is meeting new people and becoming their friends.  It’s nice to have someone you can just go talk to about anything. So don’t feel like you won’t have any friends when you move to college without any of your former high school buddies. There are thousands of people just waiting to meet someone new and become their friend, and that’s the beauty of college, specifically SUU. If you read my last blog post, you would know that people in Cedar City are super nice. It’s just like that on campus. Everyone is super nice and they want to be your friend. So cast away your worries and loneliness and come to college prepared to make and keep so many new friends.

Here are some of the people living in my building, all of which are my new friends 🙂


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