Les Miserables

Last Thursday night, we went to go to see a play called Les Miserables. The production was put on by The Utah Shakespeare Festival which is located on the east side of campus. The productions put on by this company are superb and usually deliver above and beyond your expectations. Tickets range from $23 to $54 depending on where your seat is, when you purchase it, and how you purchase it. Details can be found here. I was able to grab a free ticket from a generous friend.

The awesome ticket for Les Miserables I received from my friend (that’s not my hand, by the way).

It was worth the two hours I put aside from homework to attend the play. I’d seen the movie before in French class, but I’d never seen a live production. My eyes blurred a bit with tears and I was extremely impressed with the set and costumes. What I loved the most was the connection the actors and actresses made with their characters. They were able to convey a real sense of a plot that drew me in by performing to their utmost ability. The amount of passion these performers put into the production left my jaw dropped.

Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of plays and musicals. However, when I came to college last year, I decided to give more chances to things I’d never seen or done before. Attending the plays and musicals at Southern Utah University has made me change my perspective of these certain arts. I am now excited when I have the opportunity to see these productions.

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