Fall in Cedar City

I challenge you that there is nothing more beautiful than Fall on Southern Utah University’s campus. Cedar City understands fall. See it, love it, enjoy it. Take a bite out of it so it’ll become a part of you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s 5,000 words as to why I love fall on SUU’s campus.

There are four seasons in Utah that I love. SUU sees all four of them.  Therefore, via some rough syllogistic reasoning (you’ll learn about that in your English 2010 class), I love all four seasons on SUU’s campus.

Goodbye Summer. Hello FALL!

One thought on “Fall in Cedar City

  1. Hi Becky. If I give you credit for it, can I please steal . . . um, borrow. . . a photo or two of your lovely fall leaves for my personal blog? I love fall, too. And, I love fall on SUU’s campus. Be sure to check out the fabulous “fire” bushes by the service entry in the library!

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