My Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored

Can I just say that I love living in Cedar city? SUU is amazing and everyone is so supportive of the university and the students. There are so many people that will go out of their way to show you kindness. I know this because it happened to me last night.

Every Wednesday night, Applebees has karaoke night! Not only can you go and sing your heart out or listen to others do the same thing, the appetizers are half price! It’s a win-win situation! Anyway, my roommate, 2 of our friends, and I decided to take a break from the books and have some fun. We got to Applebees, which was really crowed, but the atmosphere was great. We were seated by this older man who started up a conversation with us. He asked us if we were planning on singing and we said of course. He said he couldn’t wait to hear us. We all laughed at that. As we made our orders and waited for them to be filled, we talk to this guy a little more. We found out that he has a son our same age up at BYU. Our small conversation carried on until our food was brought to us. As we started to eat, the guy had to leave. He told us that he was sad he wouldn’t get to hear us perform but to have a really good night.

After he left and we had finished our food, our name was called for us to go sing. Right before we were going to go up and sing, our waitress, who was also very friendly, came to bring us our checks, however what she told us surprised us. Our tickets had already been taken care of! We were all dumfounded and thought that type of thing only happened in movies! It made us all smile and it seriously made all of our nights. One of my friend told us that as she looked over at the guy we were talking to, she has seen him with all of our tickets. I want to publically thank that man who was so kind to us. It’s not every day that something like that happens. He was really super nice and I hope that he gets treated the same way some day.

So, it’s our turn to do something nice to someone else. Let’s let kindness guide our society rather than something else like greed.

Karaoke night was a success!


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