Climbing to the top.

This is my fourth year at SUU. It wasn’t until last fall that I realized it’s rather fun to take a class simply for enjoyment. It doesn’t have to be connected to your major, minor, or even related to a hobby. Branching out can prove to bring the best college memories.

So, last fall, I took horsemanship. You can read all about it here.

This fall I decided to take rock climbing. This was going out on a limb. You see, I’ve never been outdoor climbing & have been indoor climbing less than five times. Clearly, I’m not an expert by any means. But this class, while challenging for me, has still been enjoyable. Last week we had our first outdoor climbing experience.

Our class has around 12 people in it, so it’s easy to partner up and take turns climbing. The class even provides you with all the necessities — shoes, rope, climbing gear, and helmet (used in the outdoor climbs).

While Morgan climbed, I belayed. The belayer has to be focused (see, I wasn’t even aware this photo was taken!) and have full attention on the climber.

Then we switched and it was my turn to climb. I found out last week on this maiden outdoor climb that I, Cheri, am afraid of heights. I know if I learn to trust the belayer, I will have more success & be more calm. But, it took both my teacher and belayer’s coaching to help me reach the top. I could make a cheesy life analogy here, but I’ll refrain. Seriously though. What a great, accomplished feeling it was to stand and look down after climbing to the top!

I hope every student can find that sort of enjoyment in college courses. Maybe it will be related to your area of study; maybe not. But I know I haven’t regretted stepping out on a limb for a few electives. Hopefully the unknown won’t intimidate you either.


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