Cedar City Korean Festival 2012

You should feel very very sad if you did NOT go to the Cedar City Korean Festival on Wednesday this week. Of all the cool things to do in Cedar City, I’ll assume that you’ve taken advantage of some, but this was one you DEFINITELY should have been at. (See those capital letters in DEFINITELY? It’s because I’m pretty serious about it.)

The event was hosted by Cedar City and SUU’s Korean Club on campus. Free tickets, a single night, the Cedar City Heritage Theater, hundreds of fellow community members, exposure to high culture, and lots of really fantastic things to see. The nice thing about being at SUU is that I’m also part of an incredible community: “Festival City, USA!” I believe the Korean Festival will  be back again next year, in the meantime enjoy these pictures. And in case you’re wondering, I really loved the show!





Cedar City has a great connection to Korea for a variety of reasons. From what I understand, this year’s festival was the fourth annual Korean Festival. It was obviously a great success and I’m excited for it to come again next year too. It has been a good opportunity for Southern Utah University to collaborate with Cedar City for a internationally-based project. Thanks to all those involved for putting together an incredible event. I fully appreciated every bit of it!


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