True As True Can Be!

That’s right, I am a True T-bird. What’s that you ask?

Well, let me tell you.

SUU has this tradition that during homecoming you and the rest of the student body meet at the Old Sorrel statue (the savior of our school, but that’s a story for another time) and the night before the homecoming game, you touch the statue and kiss someone at midnight. You can come with someone else or by yourself. Either way, if you want to be kissed, it will happen.

The Student Alumni Association organized this whole event and it turned out really well. If you were worried about your breath, well  don’t fret too much my friend, the Alumni Association had you covered. They had an entire table with breath mints, gum and other things so that you didn’t have to worry if you happened to eat onion rings for dinner like my friends did. 🙂 Not only was the fresh breath department covered, they had you covered in the lip department as well. After you were kissed, you were given amazing chapstick that stated proudly that you are a True T-bird.

I’m A True T-bird!

Along with that, a small card was given that both you and the person you kissed could sign and it authorizes that you were both True T-birds. I sadly didn’t get mine so, next year that is what I will do.

For all of the incoming freshmen who are reading this, don’t worry about it.  It can kind of be a scary thing, I was a little nervous to be honest, but don’t worry. I look back  and see that I had a TON of fun! You will come out of this experience with a funny story to share with your family, friends, and maybe even your children. I mean I am still laughing now with my friend about our kiss, and I am sure that it will be a source of many more laughs and good stories for his benefit and mine.

So incoming freshmen to SUU, pucker those lips if you are ready to become a True T-bird!


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