Races and Robots

It’s 1:05 PM on a blazing hot Thursday. I’m standing in a room full of strangers who are sitting on benches, standing near the walls, or dipping their toes in the pool water. The smell of chlorine dominants every other smell. There’s at least a hundred people in the room with cameras, signs, and cardboard boats. Friends, family members, and members of different clubs and organizations have gathered to cheer on their fellow students during the climatic races in SUU’s Olympic sized pool. Teams of two representing a club or organization have their boats near their feet or hold onto them tightly as the intensity of the room heightens. Each cardboard boat is specially handmade and handcrafted by members of their corresponding organizations.

This is Excelsior, the Honors Program’s cardboard boat.

The starting signal reverberates through the room. Some of the racers drop their boats into the pool and jump right on top of them while others carefully lower their boats and take their time to situate themselves. The crowd cheers and roars as their favorites speed through and others struggle to stay afloat. My team, the Honors Program, takes the lead in the first half of the first race, but they begin to exhaust themselves. Eventually, we get knocked down to 2nd place and settle. Other legs are held and the excitement doesn’t stop.

Alexis, our President for the Honors Program, and Kimberly swim fast and hard to win

I spent my Thursday afternoon watching these fun races. The College of Science and Engineering hosts this cardboard boat race every year.

My Thursday evening was spent watching The Avengers as part of SUUSA’s SUUper Hero theme for Homecoming. I’d never seen the movie, so it was definitely a treat to watch it in the Centrum which is basically our indoor stadium where collegiate games are held and speakers present.

Do you want to know what the best part of these events are?

Everything is free as long as you’ve paid your student fees. You have already basically paid for the event through your student fees because that’s where the funding for these specific events come from! So take advantage of what you’ve already paid for – go have some fun on campus!


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