Crowns & sashes.

We celebrated the night at Chili’s with delicious oreo molten lava cake. 2010 Queen, me, and 2011 Queen … who all lived in the same house!

Remember this post? The pageant was a blast, honestly. Whoever thought that a non-pageant girl could have so much fun doing a pageant?

Quite a few people told me after that I was the “funny” contestant, which fits perfectly with my roommate telling me last week that I am that “awkward funny” girl. I’m glad that people appreciated my wit.

I ended up being selected as the first attendant, which means I received an SUU hoodie, homecoming tshirt, roses, and peanut butter M&Ms (only my favorite).  I will also be in the homecoming parade with the queen & second attendant, sitting all fancy in a convertible. Can you believe it? And we walk on the field at halftime at Saturday’s game.

I’m glad that I decided to try out, because it’s been such a different & fun experience.

Here are some photos of the night:

We were given a bag of items (red fabric, pipe cleaners, tulle, zip ties, and ribbon) and were told to make a “spirit costume.” The theme of homecoming is “SUUper Heroes” so, naturally, we made a SUUper hero costume. Good thing I have creative friends! The best part was walking on to the stage with a black jacket on, stopping center stage, dropping the jacket, and striking the above pose before continuing on to the MC for the question portion. And when he asked how I made the costume, I simply said, “Costume? This is what I wear everyday when I save the world.”
All of the contestants before the show started. This was our outfit for the choreographed dance number.

Pre-talent portion with roommate (and 2011 Queen) Samae. I played a funny song that I wrote called, “Pedestrian Boy.” The crowd seemed to enjoy it! I wish I had recorded it.


I had so many friends to support me after the pageant, including fellow tbirdnation blogger, Eric.
A shot of all the girls + MC Dallin.

Moral of the story? Take those chances. Even if they seem silly.

If you want to see a video with clips from the pageant, check out this site


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