Becoming a true SUUper Hero

Southern Utah University homecoming week = Fun.

Actually, it = really fun. Okay? Okay.

Things like Southern Utah’s homecoming week make me glad that SUU has become my home so I can continue coming home to SUU’s homecoming forever. (You follow me on that one? Good.) Just know that I’m a proud member of Tbirdnation and most certainly for a million reasons. This week has been full of “SUUper Hero” themed activities, including this photo booth in the Student Living Room on Tuesday where students could dress up like “SUUper Heroes” for free pictures.

It. Was. Awesome!

Thanks to my cute friends Stormee, Sam, and Ashleigh for our Hero-pictures (you can see me in the corner of the final drafts). šŸ™‚

Oh, and in order to properly celebrate homecoming week, Brantz and fellow TbirdNation blogger Eric played Hero too. They were too fast to not be blurry, but I can’t help but love these pictures!

…All in a day’s work. Or, really, all in a random weekday during homecoming week if you’re a student at SUU. These are the sorts of things that make SUU feel like a home that I’ll want to come back to for decades to come! Thanks, SUUSA for this awesome activity!

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