Sunday Comes and Sunday Goes


A simple, monosyllabic word that, when said, can send some people into cold sweats and episodes of dry heaving (I hope, dear reader, that you are not “some people”).

College life may introduce many more stressors that, as the week goes on, can seem overwhelming. Or, if you have excellent stress management skills, they may be only whelming.

Personally, I get stressed about homework, studying, tests, time management, work, and money. Others stress about relationships (I don’t have one of those… yet), family issues, or things on a global scale. This stress might become too much to bear, but I know of a great solution to ease the burden of stress from any college student: the weekend.

The weekend is a time for dates, parties, sleepovers, late nights, and fun times. And homework.
And on the other side of the spectrum, it is a time for relaxation, meditation, emotional & spiritual rechargation (which is probably not a real word), and simply chilling in good company. And homework.

Most of the aforementioned weekend activities are things that involve people. Pardon me, did I say people? I meant friends. I guess friends are people, too…

Yesterday I found out that the most effective way for me to take a break from the stress of life is by simply eating, talking, counseling, and laughing with friends after church  and living in the moment with people you care about and people that care about you. Man, look at me getting all sentimental.

After a busy week and a recharging weekend, I’m calm, cool, collected, and ready to get loaded down with stress again. And that’s okay because I have friends that have my back. And not only on the weekends.

I wouldn’t know these excellent people/friends if it wasn’t for being a member of the #tbirdnation!


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