Sleep under my desk? Only sometimes.

Teachers don’t sleep at the school. There. I just said it. I’m sorry if I just ruined your view of what your professors and instructors do at night. I know that since Kindergarten you’ve assumed your teachers slept at the school. And really, that logic makes sense since they were there when you got there and stayed after you left. Well, I’m here to ruin your vision of teacher-hood. Unless, of course, unless you’re planning on becoming a teacher. In that case, SUU education majors, rest your weary minds and know you won’t have to sleep every night under those germ-infested desks.


As a graduate student in the Southern Utah University Communications Department, I’m one of several Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs). Even though we’re students, we’ve been “hired” by the university to teach the undergraduate course: COMM 1010, or Introduction to Communications. It’s pretty much the best class you’ll ever take. And if you’re lucky, it might be taught by one of us:

Just be aware, though, that even though we’re graduate students AND course instructors, we don’t sleep at the school. We have actual lives and loved ones outside the classroom. We even have barbeques…and in case you’re wondering, we have a lot of fun at them!

(Psssst, being awarded an assistantship is the very best way to go through grad school…for almost anyone! So much fun and SO rewarding!)

Did you see your COMM 1010 instructor in those photos? Maybe you did, maybe you didn’t. Or maybe you DID but you choose to deny the fact that sometimes instructors have lives outside of the classroom. In that case, just close this web-window and tell yourself, “They were JUST SUU graduate students at a barbeque…”

If you choose to believe all those PhDs and GTAs on campus are sleeping in their offices, I won’t judge you.

…but I’ll still know the truth.


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