A Random Act of Kindness

This past Saturday, my dad and one of my brothers came down to Cedar City to come visit me and spend the afternoon just talking. It was so nice to see some of my family especially after I have been gone a month and I miss home. Anyway, I took both of them on a tour of campus. As we were walking away from one of the buildings, I looked in the grass and saw something really colorful. I picked it up only to realize that it was an iPod! My first thought was wow this is not something you find every day! I tried to turn it on to see who it belonged, but it was dead. When I got home I plugged it in to charge it so I could hopefully find the owner. I could only imagine how this person felt after losing their iPod.

After exploring the iPod for a bit I was able to find the owner of it and call her to tell her I had her iPod. The sincerity in her voice as she thanked me over and over again made me have warm fuzzy because I knew that I had took a huge worry off of somebodies chest. We arranged a time and a day to meet so that this person could finally get their iPod back.

As I handed the iPod off to the owner, I had never felt so good! I not only made myself really happy that I had given an important item back to someone I didn’t know, but I made myself happy by actually returning the iPod and not keeping it (not saying that I ever would 🙂 ). This random act of kindness I did reminded me of all the other acts of kindness that had been done to me while I have been on campus for one month.

You might be asking, well that’s cool. You returned somebody’s iPod to them, but that’s not what’s it about. This is about doing something for others, as well as yourself. College is hard and you will feel stressed or worried or whatever, but doing service to someone else can make a world of difference not only in their lives but your’s as well. There has not been a time on campus where I have not seen somebody help another person they don’t know, or go out of their way to help someone in need. SUU is an amazing school to go to. I love being on campus where I know that there are so many people who are so ready to serve and do stuff for others.

Random acts of kindness may seem small now, but could, one day, change the world. So start now, serve others, make people happy just by smiling and you will notice how much better you feel and how your stress and worry level will go down. 🙂

This is one of the groups of freshmen who did Service Saturday during welcome week. We love serving at SUU!


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