School Spirit Soars with Thor

In high school, I had a pinch of school spirit. I liked my school and I would attend a few sporting events, but the enthusiasm was not there. College school spirit, on the other hand, is on it’s own kind of spectrum. There is something exhilarating about going to the sporting events, decked out in red, black or white, game shirts on, faces painted, and voices ready to scream with friends! Please, please, please – when you go to college, go to the sporting events. They’re so fun and even free if you’ve paid all your student fees. Support your fellow students (T-Birds) and have a blast with some friends!

Last Saturday, SUU had it’s very first home football game and we won 45-23 to New Mexico Highlands University. It was a great game with some amazing plays. You can check out the recap here.

There was also another great highlight of the game which was shown at halftime. Our wonderful mascot, Thor returned from boot camp after preparing for the Big Sky Conference which is the new conference we’re in this year.

Thor, our very own SUUper hero!

He’s bigger, faster, stronger, and happier! He was so interactive with the crowd and I loved it. I love standing in the student section and having a great view of the game. But what I really love is that I got to snag a photo with Thor as he climbed through the stands and high-fived people!

Thor photobombed my friends and then my other friends and I decided to photobomb as well.


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