Blast from the past

I’m a second-year graduate student in college which means I’ve had 18 years worth of first-days-of-school. This also means I’m older and wiser than you and have had lots more life and college experiences. Okay, maybe not all that stuff, but the truth is I’ve been doing this college thing a long time. Don’t judge me for being old…I know. I know. I can’t help that I love college as much as I do!

The more I go to school/college, the more years I get for awesome college experiences and amazing college roommates. I’ve lived in ten apartments with 30 different roommates. They’ve all been awesome in one way or another. Southern Utah University has awarded me 13 fantastic roommates in five apartments in my time here.

Here’s a retro-tastic picture, recorded on FILM (ask your mom what that is), taken of my first roommates ever when I was a freshman at Snow College. When I lived with these girls, none of us had cell phones or  laptops, Wi-Fi was a dream of the future, we had no television in the apartment and only three of the eight of us had cars. It was honestly not that long ago.


I’m in there somewhere. So young. So long ago. Seriously…you were like 9 when this was taken. Well, every once in a while, some of us still gather for pictures and reminiscing. I….am still in college. The other women in this picture have collectively had 20-ish children. Seriously. But the amazing thing is, we still love each other and can still bond over hilarious things we did so long ago.

Here’s a few of us together in Utah County last week. We’re awesome, in case you were wondering. (Please note my SUU pride, evident in my T-shirt. Two of these girls are preggers right now. Weird, right?)

You won’t always like your roommates. Its a fear of mine every time I get new ones. But sometimes you’ll find people you can be friends with forever. Some of them will turn into spouses and parents while you just keep earning college degrees. But just know that the people you meet now really might be part of your future, even x-number of years down the road. These girls are a prime example of that. Roommates really can be a good experience!!!

And just for the record, that’s a cinnamon-roll hug in the first picture and jazz-hands in the second picture. Because that’s how cool these girls were/are.


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