College gives me Alzheimers

I have never been so forgetful in my entire life. I forget everything, sometimes including forgetting to write my posts for this blog 🙂

For example, yesterday as I was sitting in one of my classes and I remembered something that I needed to do. As I was taking out my notebook to write it down in my to-do list, it left my brain. I have NO idea where the thought went, and it has yet to come back.
The reason I am telling you this is, invest in something for college that you can write down EVERYTHING that you need to do. Buy a planner, if you get one from SUU like I did this year, USE it!

My very useful student planner I got from T-Bird Flight School

I promise you that your life and the lives of others around relying of you to do things will go so much smoother. In college it is very important for you to remember things that need to get done. You are paying a lot for your education, and forgetting something is wasting everything you are putting out. On my floor, I know of a kid that is already skipping class and forgetting to do things and their grades are suffering. Everything they have worked for is going down the drain.
Remember, remember, remember to do things, write things down, talk to people about needing to do things so they can remind you and maybe even help you. For example, my roommate just stuck a colorful sign above my computer to remind me to write my blog posts. It’s great to have friends. 🙂

The reminder my roommate made for me ❤

So start writing things in a planner now! Your life will be so much easier if you start now to write things down and make check lists. I wish I would have started earlier!

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