Road Trip!

I think Saturdays have become my favorite day of the week. So many random things happen on Saturdays for me! This weekend I drove up to Red Canyon with my good friends Eva Chau and Heidi Powell to check out Eva’s art exhibit. I’m talking about a real art exhibit, too. I was able to buy one of her paintings which resulted in me being one happy camper!

One of the great things about SUU is the location. Since it’s located in the vast southwestern desert corner of Utah, there are many canyons and outdoor opportunities within its vicinity. Red Canyon is near the entrance of Bryce Canyon. I had never been to Red Canyon before so it was quite an adventure!

The car ride itself was a blast since I have such great friends who know how to entertain me.  There’s nothing quite like singing along to some pop songs and snapping fingers to the beats with friends. As for how the sightseeing was – try to imagine green trees and your typical grey mountains. But once you get close enough, a splurge of red just pops out in the sky! The canyons were so beautiful! I wish I took a photo myself, but alas I had to have both hands on the steering wheel.

Eva Chau and I standing near one of the cool arks of Red Canyon.

I will definitely go back and take more pictures of the landscapes when I can. For now though, I am pretty darn content with the outcome of the short road trip – lots of laughs, an authentic Eva Chau painting, and a few inside jokes.

Happy road trip = three happy campers!


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