Double dipping.

This photo was taken last summer in Granada, Spain, where my love for Spanish exploded.

Sometimes, life takes interesting turns. And by sometimes, I mean … in most cases. In August, the week before school started, I decided to talk to a professor about what I would need to do to change from a Spanish minor to a Spanish major.

4 classes. One extra semester. Instead of graduating in December with a communication degree, I could graduate in May with a BA in Spanish and Communication.

Would it be worth it? Well, I hope so, because that’s the choice I made. And so, this semester, instead of the communication classes I’m comfortable with, the professors I’ve worked with on projects, research, and papers, and the classmates I’ve seen time & time again, I have been thrown into a whirlwind of Spanish classes — new professors, strange vocabulary, and unfamiliar faces.

But, the classes are small & the teachers are always willing to work individually if needed. That’s what I love. Even though the thought of analyzing Spanish poetry or theater makes me nervous, I know the semester will turn out fine, just as the last six.

One thing I have learned time and time again while at SUU? You can make a plan & chart out a course, but very rarely will out work out exactly the way you planned; usually, it ends up better.

One thought on “Double dipping.

  1. I majored in communication and minored in Spanish and the literature classes kicked my butt! I had to retake one to get a high enough grade. GOOD LUCK. You won’t regret it!

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