Sick As A Dog

Good Monday, folks!

My goodness! This semester is sure shaping out to be a good one academically.

Health-wise, not so much. I seem to have got the plague*.

I guess that happens when you’re exposed to a plethora of new germs, as is what happens when one enters a new environment e.g. a new semester.

Can I just say how grateful I am to fantastic friends here at SUU who have offered good thoughts, prayers, orange juice, and often checked up on me?

Well, I’m grateful.
When I first got the plague, I had numerous texts from friends asking if I needed anything. I even had friends stop by (I was sleeping, though) to bring me hot drinks full of vitamin C.

It’s good to know that people who aren’t family care for you and are concerned for your well-being, whether health-wise or not.
How did I make these friends?

Well, they are all part of the #tbirdnation.

*It’s really just a nasty cold.


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