If you’re going to SUU, then you probably live in Cedar City (or thereabouts).

And if you live in that general area, then you’re a resident of Iron County.

If you’re a resident of Iron County, why not attend the Iron County Fair and Rodeo in that great town of Parowan, Utah!?!

I did. Last weekend. And so since Roger (the guy in these pictures with me) grew up in Cedar City, he was happy to teach me the ways of the county fair. And we had fun seeing all there was to see at a county fair.

Wanna see?


ImageThis is just me, a normal graduate student, but this time pictured with a goat. You can’t tell, but I had my arm around him and he’s smiling for the picture. This IS real life, folks. real life.


After the super fun and amazingly awesome rodeo was over, Roger and I ran into my friends Dustin and Ashley.

Rodeos bring people together!


As fellow SUU students and residents of Cedar City in good ‘ole Iron County, Dustin and Ashley were happy to show me how much they love the fair:


Having lived here three complete school years already, I was really sad that I’ve never been to the Iron County Fair before. It gave me a greater appreciation for my community and I loved seeing all the local culture. Sadly, the fair is over until next year. But the good news is, in just a little under 12 months, you’ll get another chance to go to the Iron County Fair, too!


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