Don’t Worry, They’re Not That Bad.

Looking at the title, you’re probably wondering: wait, what? Who’s not that bad? The answer is roommates. One of the number one fears of incoming college students is living with roommates. Thoughts like, What if they’re messy? What if they don’t like the same things as I do? What if they’re, heaven forbid, crazy? I am here to clear your worries and to tell you that roommates, or roommate depending on where you live, are really not bad. Many people you will talk to will say that their roommates they had in college are still some of their best friends now.

My roommate and I were very lucky. We both get along amazingly well. In fact (don’t tell my mom this 😉 we stay up most nights just talking because we are so comfortable with each other. Image

It’s not a very good photo, but here is my roommate and I right before one of the campus welcome week activities.

I will tell you now, that yeah, it is a very big possibility that you could end up with someone you don’t click with very well, however, the school (if you live on campus) has ways that can help you and your roommate get along and figure out what is bothering the both of you. Communication is key. If you ever have a problem with a roommate sit down and talk. Most likely if a problem arises,  it’s because of bad communication. If you have a problem with a roommate the first thing you should do is talk to them before anyone else. You don’t want them to think you are talking about them behind their back.

Something else you can do is have a roommate agreement. Those students who live on campus are required to make one, but if you decide to live off campus, it’s still a good idea to figure one out. If you have an agreement to go by, things will go along a lot more smoothly, and less fights will arise.

Another thing to do is, realize that at the beginning you guys don’t have to become the best of friends. Give it time. Let the both of your get to know each other and the way each of you act. The best things always come with waiting.

Yes, it’s true that you guys most likely won’t be the same. You will each be different and do different things. You will like different foods, movies, games, music, ect. but don’t let that scare you. Like I said before, who knows your roommate may turn out to be one of your best friends through and after college.

So good luck, and just remember and don’t worry, they’re not that bad. 🙂

Here are two pictures; one of me and the other of my roommate. We have to use our balcony to dry our clothes because our dryer in our resident halls doesn’t work very well 🙂



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