Paint the Town Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green

The only time I actually think I look like Eva Chau (because she’s a real painter)

I am not a painter. I do not spend my Saturday nights painting. So why am I covered in a mass of colors from head to toe? Two words – paint dance. This past Saturday I had the grand opportunity of helping out with SUUSA’s Paint Dance.

What’s a paint dance? Basically, it’s like any other dance except paint is included. It sounds weird, right? It’s not only weird, but extremely messy. The DJ for the night was Marcus Wing and he did an excellent job. Marcus Wing, his equipment and staff, and the SUUSA paint sprayers are behind a barricade while the crowd dances on the other side. I was one of the sprayers. We had four buckets of paint: red, yellow, blue, and green. We also had six spray guns, three long guns and three short guns.

Try to imagine the blaring music, the crazy strobe lights, the pumped up crowd jumping up and down, spontaneous explosions of glitter, and the colors raining from the sky. Can’t seem to picture it? Here’s a visual aid for assistance.

If that video didn’t just get you pumped up, I don’t know what does. Every time I watch it, I feel like dancing all over again! Everyone seemed to love the paint! Once the buckets ran out, people would chant for more paint while we hurriedly diluted it for the next batch to be sprayed.

The dance was so messy, so dirty, so outrageously something I would not normally do, but I do not regret one thing. It was three hours of glorious spraying and laughter. I honestly was ready for bed at 2:22 AM because I stayed after to clean up the field and then myself at home. It’s nights like these that I’m going to remember, “One time, I went to a dance, got super dirty, got to spray all my friends with different colors, and I loved every single moment of it.”

Jess Lim signing off with the Paint Crew.


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