Barefoot Climbers

With Welcome Back week at SUU, there are activities each night, free food, and most assuredly, opportunities to meet new people at these campus functions.

But, besides the annual Meet Your Religious Leader, Casino Night, dance party, Mentalist, etc., this year, while walking home from class, my roommate and I had ROTC recruiters challenge us to climb the rock wall.

Please note: I was wearing skinny jeans, a blouse, glasses, and sandals. Not exactly your everyday climbing attire. But, throwing caution to the wind (and sitting my glasses on the table), I began to climb the wall … barefoot. That was a first. As I was halfway to the top, I started to get tired. But, some classmates watching the whole event reminded me that I could do it, even barefoot.

And so, my roommate and I both made it to the top and even got lanyards out of the deal … if only I could have snagged another free tshirt! I know I need another one of those for my closet đŸ˜‰

Can I tell you something? It’s great to be back in school. Sure, the classes are challenging & some assignments have already been grueling … but, there is something about sitting in a classroom in September that just feels right.


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