On your mark, get set….


You should probably know right now that I, Becky, have two lives. There’s my Northern Utah life, and my Southern Utah life. Both make my heart sparkle with joy and both are filled with people I love. Northern Utah is where I’m from, where I spend my summers, where I get all my mail, and where my longest-lasting friends reside. Southern Utah is where I go to school, where I live most of the time, where my beloved Southern Utah University can be found, and where I’m also making friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Both lives are good. Both own a part of me. And both were part of my summer. Now you know.

The last four months were spent primarily working my two fantastic summer jobs in Northern Utah, but I also found time to do lots of amazing things while I waited ever so [im]patiently for school to start again: trip to the Grand Canyon, attending my first ever rodeo, riding in a helicopter, family vacation to Wyoming, going fishing for the first time in my life (don’t judge…I’m a city girl!), time with family (PS, I have the cutest niece and nephews in the whole world), lots of time with friends, playing bass in a summer concert series with the West Valley Symphony of Utah, and a fantastic end-of-summer trip to Hawaii. I couldn’t have asked for a better summer in Northern OR Southern Utah!




Whew! And now that summer is over…school has begun. I’m working a job on campus, teaching a course, taking a full class load, playing bass with the Orchestra of Southern Utah, and wishing every day that I could take a nap. I’m happiest when I’m moving forward, and this year, my friends, I’ll move forward at a break-neck speed. This year is going to be huge and I’m lucky to have been catapulted in by a fantastic summer in my Northern Utah life. Gear up; school has begun. On your mark, get set…..GO!



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