The Fading of a Perfect Summer

Hey everyone! My name is Laurel Jefferies. I am a freshman at SUU and am majoring in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Forensics and (hopefully) a double minor in Psychology and Chemistry. Cool huh?? ūüėČ Here at SUU I am the President of the Community Attaches. It is a leadership organization that is involved with On-Campus housing. If you ever come for a housing tour, I just may be the one taking you! ¬†I am from a very small town, Castle Dale, Utah. It is roughly the size of¬†Connecticut¬†and has only about 11,000 or so residents in the entire county.¬†I know you are all thinking, with such a small town, how did you ever have a perfect summer? Well I am here to tell you that as I watch the summer fade into fall everyday, I think often of how this past summer was one I am never going to forget. I did have to work but whenever I was free, I was up at the lake swimming or cliff jumping with my friends, Image

Hiking, picnicking, or going to girls camp: Image

I got to sneak in a trip to Lagoon: Image

I learned how to make killer Cinnamon Rolls, even though mine turned out way uglier than my mum’s:¬†Image

I even got my truck stuck and made a very large hole trying to get out:Image

But to me, this summer really wasn’t about how much fun I had, or the things I did, but it was about spending the last few months I had with friends as we¬†separated¬†our different ways. This summer was a time for my to reflect on my high school experience and the things I learned. It was a time for me to prepare for a new beginning of my life: College. So I say to you, as you watch your summers fade, think back on what everything really meant to you. Yes, the fun and adventures do matter, but so does your time you spend with friends and family, because they are gone before you know it.
I am so stoked to be here at SUU and to be part of the Thunderbird Family.
So what the heck, Freshman Year, here I come!

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