A Summer to Remember

Hi there! Everyone calls me Jess Lim and so can you. I’m from West Valley City which is in the Salt Lake area. I may be a Communication Major and Business Management Minor, but my real passion is Student Affairs. I’m a Sophomore this year and I’ll definitely take my time to graduate in 2015 here at SUU. If you’re only going to remember one thing from this post, I hope you choose to remember that I really love hugs.

What did I do this summer? I did something outrageously crazy – I lived at home in West Valley City and took trips once a month back to Cedar City! This summer, I worked for SUU Orientation as an Intern. Now, you’re probably asking “Why in the world would you spend your some of your summer working for Orientation?” My response is, “Why not?” Like I said earlier, I’m a girl who’s passionate about Student Affairs. I decided I didn’t want to waste my summer and do something that could help me with my career!

So I drove by myself for three and a half hours and stayed at my friend’s lovely hotel for a week for free.

The Heidi Hotel – Home to many, many stragglers and homeless visitors (her friends) of Cedar City.

For five days each week in June and July, I started my days off at 6:45 AM, helped set up check in, ran around with balloons in my hands, greeted students and parents/guests, stuffed name tags, took creepy pictures of people I didn’t even know all day long, etc. Sounds simple and mediocre, right?


Deciding to take this internship was the best decision of my summer. I was able to start new relationships with new friends such as the Orientation Leaders and incoming freshmen. I was able to take a step back and to really see how much work and effort gets put into the Orientation process and programs. I realized how important teamwork is and had some great laughs with my co-workers.

The timing of the Orientation weeks was perfect, too. Two of my friends’ birthdays were in the same week, my close friend’s sister returned from her mission, and the Summer Games Opening Ceremony was held! There were fireworks, Nitro Circus performed, and I got to hold one of the American flags during the introduction of the athletes!

All of the O-Leaders. We took this right after Nitro Circus performed.

Not to mention that I got to see these lovely people again and had a blast with them. It always feels so good to see old friends, especially when they live three and a half hours away from you!

Heidi and Alex are my favorite dancers in the world!

Eva Chau is my Asian twin on campus that everyone confuses me with.

Oh, and I love making new friends, like these guys.

Loryn and Spencer are the cool kids on campus that I adore.

One of the best parts of Orientation is Flight School. The incoming Thunderbirds had a chance to spread their wings and really fly! There were a lot of activities and presentations put on during Flight School and my favorite was the Red and White Dance that SUUSA runs. SO. MUCH. FUN. I danced all three hours of the night away and even stayed to help clean up.

Some of the great SUUSA Directors and Associate Directors for STAB.

And now, it’s time to go back to school!


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