A Cedar City Summer

An early morning sunrise at Sand Hollow Reservoir.

And so senior year starts. Friendly faces greet you on campus, professors ask about your classes, and the homework piles up. But, I can talk about all of that in future blog posts. For now, let me give you a glimpse into how I spent my summer.

Roommates enjoying an afternoon hike at Kanarraville Falls.

For the first time in my college career, I went out on a limb … and stayed in Cedar City. With the Shakespeare Festival, Utah Summer Games, and other festivals in town, it wasn’t too hard to be entertained. Being in Cedar City created an entirely different dynamic to my social life as well — there were no cliques, no divisions between athletes, student government, & people just trying to get an education. We all bonded together and simply had fun. Whether it was hiking Kanarraville Falls, watching the solar eclipse, standing in a hot air balloon at the Panguitch Balloon Festival, cheering on an Olympic athlete (an SUU graduate) or enjoying a sunrise after a campout at Sand Hollow, I had great adventures this summer.

I expect just as many this fall. So, here goes nothing, senior year.

Kanarraville, Utah was the best place to spot the solar eclipse this summer.

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