Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime?


Is gone.

But that’s okay, because I know that this upcoming semester is going to bring a whole new slew of adventures to add to my Things I did during my SUU years list. Which is growing longer every day.

I call this summer “The Summer of Old Family and New Friends.”

This was was the summer of:

  • decorating graves on memorial day.
  • going to Logan, UT to attend an freaking awesome conference pertaining to my major: choral music education.
  • getting 12 of my friends addicted to Downton Abbey (you’re welcome).
  • bowling (I almost broke 100!), dancing at sketchy bars, karaoke, and late night Mexican food.
  • planting a garden and then neglecting said garden but still having a bounteous harvest from the garden (I just said “garden” a lot. Garden).
  • dressing up like an 80’s rock star and being unable to get stupid eye-liner off my face.
  • being nice and helping all my friends move.
  • getting biceps from hauling all my friends’ stuff when I helped them move.
  • playing with my super adorable nieces and nephews in Reno, SoCal, and Cedar City.
  • rain. More rain than Cedar gets in 28 years!
  • the greenshow at the Utah Shakespeare Festival.
  • teaching kids how to sing.
  • my brother’s wedding.
  • becoming a #SouthernMother (meaning: I like to cook food for y’all).
  • celebrating 10 years of Cedar City’s Groovefest.
  • not getting sunburned. The whole summer.
  • Pottermore. I’m a Hufflepuff!
  • saying goodbyes as friends move on to bigger and better things.
  • playing tennis every Wednesday night at the SUU courts.
  • partying at cabins and caves on the mountain.
  • playing matchmaker for friends and failing miserably at it.
  • one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine other things that I won’t tell you about.

Yes, summer here has been grand, but I’m glad for another semester of learning and laughter with friends old and new at my second home (just blocks away from my real home) in the shadows of the beautiful red hills.

Some random photos from the summer.


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