Dear College,

Dear College,

Thank you for teaching me that biking is one of the best forms of transportation.

Thank you for the concerts

Thank you for campfires and s’mores

Thank you for the sailing obsession and the excursion at the Lake on the Hill

Thank you for the Red Rock

Thank you for summer and Krave trips

Thank you for the cupcakes and the birthday parties

Thank you for teaching me responsibility

Thank you for teaching me about hipsters

Thank you for the dance parties, especially the one on Upper Quad last fall

Thank you for this moment

..this moment

…and this moment

Thanks for helping me make that post grad decision to go spend 18 months in Idaho, yes Idaho.

Thanks for all those great life experiences

Thanks for all that knowledge too

And thank you, thank you for introducing me to these people

Two days and I’m a College Graduate. Stoked.


One thought on “Dear College,

  1. Very please to be featured in many of this pictures. Holla at your boy, Laura Corry. We are grown ups. We kept our secret of being BFFs on the blog pretty well until the last few posts.

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