Enduring the senior thesis.

Last week marked a very key time in my life as an undergrad. Why? Well, you see, there is something called a “senior thesis” that causes nightmares for most communication students. It was due last Friday. And so, I bring you … “enduring the senior thesis” in pictures:

Photo 1: This marked the beginning of a long week in the ELC (as in, we would spend 7-8 hours daily). This was taken somewhere between 11 p.m. – 1 a.m. early on during the week. If nothing else, this paper brought us together as classmates 🙂

Photo 2: Day 2 in the ELC. It’s hot in there. So, I brought otter pops to help us endure the long afternoon ahead.

Photo 3: This sign was placed outside our teacher’s office door. Another faculty member thought he was pretty funny for coming up with it. Well, a few of us went in to his office hours to get some last minute advice … and it was as though we were waiting for a Black Friday sale! There were students who came an hour before his office hour began so they could talk to him first. I waited in line myself for 45 minutes. Luckily, he was helpful, and the paper progressed.

Photo 4: The results. I emailed my paper sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning. Then I waited for results. Guess what? I passed! The final draft is due this week, but I’m thrilled/blessed/ecstatic to say that I ENDURED to the end. And, not to toot my own horn, but getting an A in a class taught by the notoriously hardest teacher in the comm department? It makes me feel pretty darn happy.

It’s been a great experience to document my life as junior at SUU. Now let’s get the summer started…


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