Start the Evolution!

That’s right.. SUU is evolving.

How is it changing? Our own SUU Bookstore is mixing up the possible ways to get textbooks next semester.

Now, instead of only having the option to buy the book from the bookstore and hope that you can sell it back later, students will be able to pay smaller rental fees in order to rent the textbook for the semester. No more worrying about trying to sell your books during the last week of school! The school bookstore will also offer E Textbooks for those who own any type of E Reader.

In order to raise awareness of these changes, SUU had a PR stunt on campus last week. Our very own Sam Taylor helped with the campaign to notify students of these changes. They had candy for students, music playing out on the quad, stickers, and one more thing… A giant box fort.

Sarah's ready to paint!

Yes, in order to spread this new knowledge, they built a huge building out of cardboard boxes. It was awesome! One of my good friends Kendall was over the project of building the fort. I spent a little bit of my afternoon there helping build the fort and painting it. It was a lot of fun and raised a lot of awareness for the changes our library has coming our way!

Kendall- The Mastermind

My awesome friend Jessi!

Join the Evolution.


One thought on “Start the Evolution!

  1. Mitch, I have to say that I am pretty upset that I am included in the post despite the fact that this was one of the four people who pulled this thing together.

    Also, it is the Bookstore, not the library.

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