I’ve Set Up Camp!

Its getting close to the end of the semester. Next week is dead week and then the week after is finals week. I myself have already set up camp. By camp I mean my own little personal study area with everything I need. I have been studying for my Human Physiology test that I have on Wednesday, writing my lab report for my Biology lab which is due on Tuesday, studying for my biology final, and working on my Medical Terminology homework.

I know it looks a bit messy but for me I know where everything is.. Since last Saturday was my last day of work at Brian Head, now I go to class come home and study most of the time. I feel if i start studying early then I wont be so stressed out for finals week. I know a lot of other people have already set up camp other places. My roommate for instance has set up camp in the printing studio so I havent seen her in over a week. Haha this is one of the fun joys for the end of the semester. I find my little camp to be quite relaxing. If i need food I can just get up and walk into the kitchen and get something. I do still find myself at the library every now and then to do research and then I find my way back home.


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