I’ve been exposed to some pretty good pranks over the course of my 4 years in college. A few have included piling leafs in front of doorways, doorbell ditching (numerous times, my friends and I have been doorbell ditching the same house of boys over the course of the whole school year and they still don’t know), and earlier this month some friends and I filled a room with cups of water.

A couple of our friends were home for the weekend so we headed over to their apartment with over 150 plastic cups. That wasn’t even enough. We filled them with water and placed them throughout the whole room. I like this prank because it’s not a rude prank, it’s pretty harmless, it just causes a bit of an inconvenience. In order to get anywhere in their room they had to first empty out each cup.

If you’re looking for a good prank, I highly recommend this one.

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