This semester one of my friends and I decided to take a fun class together. The class we chose was yoga.. At first we didnt really like it because it was something different that we werent use to, but as the semester went on it grew on us and became to be really relaxing. The cool thing about yoga is it does really help you relax. I had it for my last class of the day on wedensday’s and when I left class all my stress was gone and I had a clear mind for the rest the day.

The way the class is set up is that it is a pass or fail class and you just need to attend 12 out of the 15 classes to pass. If you miss more than 3 classes you can make them up by either going to a different yoga class or you can go to the Yoga Studio in town and take a class there to make up. If you take a class at the Yoga Studio there are many different kinds of yoga classes that you can choose from. When my friend and I went we chose core yoga. This class is designed to streghten you core (ie. abs,obliques).  This was a fun experience that I got to have and part of me is sad that it is over.

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