Rockin’ the Radio

I am a communications major and I love it. I’m going to be studying Broadcasting, Advertising, and PR while I’m in college, and I really liked it this first year of college. I took some really cool broadcasting courses that were a lot of fun. One of my favorites?

Radio Broadcasting.

My very own "Power 91" picture

That’s right, for about 8 months now, I’ve been a Radio DJ/Personality on SUU’s own radio station, Power 91.1.

My show has been every Tuesday from 4-5 through the entire school year. I’ve gone through several different show ideas, ranging from Tech News to Relationship Advice. One thing’s certain… It’s always an adventure working in a radio station!

One great thing about the classes here at SUU is that many classes have a mixture of lecture based classes and work experience. Classes like my TV Broadcasting class and Radio class have really helped me find what I really like within my major through experience and have also been a lot of fun.

Thanks for the awesome experience of being on Power 91.1 this year!


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