Canyon Trails on Easter Weekend

This weekend, my mom came down to celebrate Easter with me. I also had two choir performances, so she attended those as well. Because the weather was so beautiful, we headed east on 200 South until we got to the canyon trailhead and took a walk alongside the river. I’ve done that once or twice before during my three years here…but now I’m addicted!

My mom and I walked it on Saturday, walked further on to the manmade waterfall on Sunday, and today I ran from my house up to the trail. It is so beautiful and one can’t help but love the beautiful red rocks surrounding the trail and the sound of the river rushing by. Everyone should walk up the trail at least once during their stay in Cedar City!

Just jumping for joy on the bridge before we headed back to the trailhead.

This was taken at the manmade waterfall, which is only about a 5-minute walk from the bridge.


My mom and I on the bridge. This trail can also be located by driving east through Cedar Canyon.


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