the Trackletes.

Saturday was SUU’s first home Track meet. I was really excited to go because this was the first SUU track meet I had gone to and because the Trackletes are some of my favorite people. Saturday also happened to be exactly a year from the day that I met one of the Trackletes, which made the whole thing even better and it’s a great story.

I have a picture taken from nearly the exact moment of our short first interaction. And it’s this photo:

April 2011 – Myself with my friends Loryn & Laurel (Yes our names are all similar, the way we like it) decided to walk across town. We started in Fiddler’s Canyon, which is on the far North side of town and ended up at Campus. It was a quality walk. As we were trying to get the perfect picture with self-timer in front of the SUU sign you see above, two boys walked by, including Tracklete Devan. The interaction was short, I think something along the lines of “So are you like visiting from another school?” was said to us, which was not the case but still a memorable interaction. Little did we know we would be hanging out with both of them 2 months later at Groovefest.

And that first interaction is also so much better by the fact that the Tracklete house (which houses 3 Trackletes, 2 current and 1 retired) became a frequent stop for my friends and I last summer.

Here is Tracklete Elijah, he is from Kenya and makes the best Kenyan Pancakes.

I wish I had a better picture, but Elijah is pretty exclusive about paparazzi, so this cellphone picture will have to do. But this picture was taken in Tracklete house which does add to it’s quality.

This is from their meet on Saturday, the Men’s Mile to be more specific, Devan is center and Elijah is to his left.

The runners here at SUU are pretty legit. These Trackletes are also part of SUU’s Cross Country team, who took first this year at the Summit League Championships, yeah they’re fast.


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