Bread and Soup Night!

The other day, as I was making my way from class to class, I saw something that made my day. What was it? A sign for one of my favorite events here on campus.

Here at SUU, we have several events that are almost like tradition to students. Bread and Soup Nite, one of the students’ favorite, happened for the last time this Monday. A huge crowd of students came to support it on it’s last night.

Now, while this may not sound too exciting to some people, let me explain what Bread and Soup Night is.

Basically, it is a food drive that happens on the first Monday of the month. Students can either pay two dollars or one dollar with a can, then get as much bread, soup, and dessert as they want. The donated food and money goes to a food pantry for SUU students in need.

Yeah, that’s right- as much as you want. For two dollars. It can’t get any better than that!

All of the soup is always REALLY good, and they always have a form a entertainment to watch while eating. While sometimes it is Karaoke singing, this time it was dances by some of SUU’s talented dancers!

All in all, Bread and Soup Night is a fun, good way to support the local food storage, get some great dinner, and hang out with all of our friends down here at SUU.

P.S. This time I was a little weak… I only made it through 3 rounds of food. But it was great!



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