Maggie Moo’s

So who doesn’t love ice cream? I know I do!! Now there are many different places to get ice cream in Cedar City, Krave (which is actually frozen yogurt), Dairy Queen, Arctic Circle, Golden Spoon, Hogi Yogi, and Maggie Moo’s. My new personal favorite place to go is Maggie Moo’s. For those of you who have never been to Maggie Moo’s its kinda like Cold Stone but better!!!

You start out by picking a flavor and size of ice cream that you want. Then you get to choose what you want to mix into it, they have a lot of different items to choose from. Last but not least you choose if you want it in a cup or a waffle cone. My favorite is to get cake batter ice cream with rainbow sprinkles mixed into it in a waffle cone. Another great thing is they have stamp cards and after buy 6 you get a free ice cream.

Looks like I'm due for a free one!

I love to come here with friends or when my mom comes up to visit her and I will go get a treat here. So if you haven’t been to Maggie Moo’s yet I highly suggest that you try it out. I bet you’ll fall in love like I did.

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