Chasing Spring in California

Like everyone else here at SUU, I had the pleasure of taking a vacation last week known as “Spring Break”. Now, when Spring Break was coming near, I had a choice to make. Make the 5&1/2 hour drive home or drive about the same distance to California with my friends. I’m sorry to all those at home, because I chose the latter.

Now, the cool thing about being down here at SUU is that we really are pretty close to great vacation getaways such as Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and the entire state of California. When I was growing up, going to California was a HUGE deal. We either hopped on an airplane in Salt Lake and flew, or braved the 10+ hour drive there. Now that I’m in Cedar City, we can easily make it to areas like LA and Santa Monica beach within one day.

So that’s what I did! My friends and I all spent the week up in Northern LA. A few of the places we went to include-

The Bench from 500 Days of Summer (This is a romantic movie with an iconic bench in it. More info on the movie can be found HERE)

China Town

Santa Monica Beach

Charlie Brown Farm (This was a Novelty Store full of weird foods such as chocolate covered bacon, peanut butter and jelly soda, and more)

My friends and I all had a fantastic time going to these place and having many other adventures with each other during our break. While it was really nice to have it, it’s kinda nice to be back to normal life here in Cedar City.


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