Spring Break and all its glory

Some of my friends went to Mexico for Spring Break. Other friends went to California, had adventures at Disneyland, enjoyed the beach, or just road tripped to Las Vegas. Me? I went home to Roy, Utah. Now, don’t get me wrong. It might not be as exotic as the other places I mentioned, but I had still had plenty of adventures during my week off of school (which didn’t include homework…oops).

I went shopping several times at The Gateway in Salt Lake City, visited both high school and college friends, and had parties with my family. I even had a summer internship interview, where my training in the classroom really paid off!

But, one of the most exciting parts of my break was the new addition to my life known as the iPhone 4s. Now, I’ve been using a “brick” for quite some time that was mistaken for a camera many times, had a generic 9-key input, and couldn’t send/receive images. Yeah. Quite the upgrade.

ImageSo, while I’ve spent the better part of the last week getting to know my new phone, I realized how connected it really makes the user withthe world! That can be good or bad … but, so far, it’s been super helpful, especially for my social media class.

Also, check out this video. I’m in it (the girl with glasses). SUU has opened so many doors for me & I know that will continue to happen as I complete my education here.

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