SUU did not let me down. I was promised I would get into graduate school, if I decided to attend in the fall. I decided. I applied. I waited to hear back. I heard back. Now I have a dilemma because I was admitted into the two programs I wanted to get into.

First, Syracuse University. I was admitted into their New Media Management Master’s Program. 

Second, I was admitted in the Communication Studies program at Texas Christian University

I am kind at sixes with this whole situation of the long pro and cons lists I have made for both schools. What is your take? Where do you think I belong after graduation from SUU? I need to know. Help!


6 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Ignore the school and evaluate the programs. Even in a like-like situation, one will have a small edge. Also, what is the cost difference. Wherever you go, you will do well – proud of you.

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