Meet at IHOP.

Last Tuesday was IHOP’s International Pancake Day. In other words, free pancake stack! Well, I am in a social media class this semester & one of the students decided to utilize our class Facebook group & suggested that we meet at IHOP for class.

Within ten minutes, my professor Ellen Treanor had posted this: “Class meets at IHOP at 8:30 to discuss the assignment, then we head back to the lab for the SM content analysis.”

So, since it was a Social Media class, we thought we would see who really checked their social media websites, such as Facebook. We didn’t have the whole class show up, but we still had a good turnout. We each ate our stack of pancakes and discussed the chapter in our Measure What Matters book. It felt more like a book club meeting than a class.

That is why I love SUU. Ellen is a great professor who isn’t afraid to teach outside the norm. We still learned, had fun, and ended class in the classroom. But, a field trip was a great way to start class at 8:30 Tuesday morning.


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