Student Government Elections

Yesterday began the fight for next year’s student government. By no means am I a “political junkie” but I do consider myself fairly aware in the world of politics, especially where SUU politics are concerned.

The past two years at SUU, there have only been two parties running against each other. This year? There are 5 parties and an independent. Campaigning began yesterday & I think you have to live in a cave not to notice it.

Signs are everywhere — as are candidates. You see them passing out t-shirts, wristbands, anything to promote his or her party. I thought I’d share with you some of the campaign posters (some of them are pretty clever, I think!)

Find out about all the parties by clicking on this link: SUUSA Elections.

Love these posters. I'm not going to lie.


the XP party cabinet

the independent & the action party -- can you see how the wind was blowing in these pictures?


the like party


1 party


true party

So, based on the posters…who would you vote for?


2 thoughts on “Student Government Elections

  1. AND, I have to say, I’m pretty excited there is a female running for President and she’s great. I’d vote for her. But based on posters, I like XP (they look legit) and Be True.

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