Work Work Work!!

This semester I think that I have one of the coolest jobs ever. I work up at Brianhead Ski Resort. Every year Brianhead comes down to Cedar and will hold interviews for all sorts of different positions, like Ski and Snowboard instructors, retail, rentals, food and beverage, ticket sells and reservations. I applied for a position in the Rental shop, and I got it.

I assist people to get fitted for ski and snowboard boots as well as set up there skis and snowboards. I absolutely love working up there and its nice that my manager Chuck Drigger will scheudle me around my school secdule so I dont ever have to miss class. I end up mostly working on the weekends. Another cool perk with working up at Brianhead is that I got a season pass for only $5. Yep that’s right $5. This is also why I try to go snowboarding as much as I can. Another awsome thing is while we are working we can take ski or snowboard breaks and go out and ride for a couple hours.

I work with some really fun people and have made some great friends. Just the other day I went up to go riding with a couple of the people I work with. We had such a blast. I love that I have to opportunity to work up at Brianhead.


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