growing up.

Picture taken over the weekend with three of my best friends from high school

Some people go to college with their best friends from high school. They live together, eat together, go to school athletic events  together, and do mostly everything … together.

I, however, did not choose that path for college. I came to school my freshman year knowing only one person that attended the same high school as me. But, I made many great friends within my first year at school (and every year since). Some of my best friends now are those I’ve met at SUU.

If you are thinking about leaving “home” for college, don’t be scared that you’ll lose your friends from high school. One thing I’ve learned is that while some friends will change (yes, it’s true), most of the time, it makes it that much more fun if you go home on long weekends or holiday breaks. Since it was President’s Day yesterday & we didn’t have school, I was able to go home on Friday. Each day, I hung out with friends from high school & had a blast. Even though we are all doing different things with our lives, we still find ourselves laughing & reminiscing about high school memories.

So, remember: whether or not you attend college where your best friend does, chances are … you will probably meet amazing new people & also keep in touch with your closest high school friends. It’s really a win-win situation. Promise.


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